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Taaeen Team

Our CEO Statement

As CEO of Taaeen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our progressive approach to human resources, where we are not only keeping pace with the future of work but also shaping it. Today’s business landscape demands more than just adaptation; it requires a proactive embrace of change and innovation.

Our commitment to these principles places us at the cutting edge of the HR industry, ensuring that we deliver not only what our clients expect but also what they have yet to imagine.

Yousef Bin Mohamed

Our Team

Peter Gater

Associate Director

Bayan Nakhleh

Chief L&D Officer

Eman Abdelkarim Saad

Senior L&D Officer

Anas Sayed Ahmed

Head of Media Center

Mohammed Abbas

Head of Learning & Development Operations

Mohannad Alassal

Sales Manager

Khaled Majdi Mishal

Human Resources Officer

Muna Iskandrani

Project Manager

Nisha Musa Fazal

Senior Training Consultant

Fathima Azra Hussain

Finance Manager

Fatima Al Awlaqi

Sr. L&D Officer

Mohamad Hayel El Abbas

Head of L&D (Operations)

Alia Nabahin

L&D Coordinator

Haseeb Ullah

Web Developer

Pallavi Ajmera

Recruitment Consultant

Aicel Nava

Admin & Training Coordinator

Aisha Riaz

Student Affairs Coordinator – CIPD Unit

Naglaa Attia

L&D Specialist

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Our friendly team are on hand to help answer your questions and give you the information you need.