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CIPS Qualifications

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CIPS Certification in Abu Dhabi

CIPS Certification is issued by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. It is an industry-standard qualification that proves a professional’s proficiency in the key procurement and supply processes. Our CIPS Certification training in Abu Dhabi offers a complete learning solution for all 5 levels of CIPS. These courses are ideal for professionals to develop their knowledge in procurement and supply.

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CIPS Certifications

Why Do Companies Hire Professionals With CIPS Certification?

CIPS Certification is referred to as a professional badge that certifies one’s leading-edge thinking and professionalism in procurement and supply. Owing to the rapid growth and advancements in the field of procurement and supply, companies require expert hands to handle their logistics operations. They hire them for their ability to deliver effective and efficient procurement and supply operations.

A few of the most-sought procurement jobs available in the Abu dhabi region (as observed in popular Dubai job portals) follow:

Why Choose Taaeen for CIPS?

Welcome to the gateway of HR mastery and professional distinction! The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) stands as the beacon of excellence in the realm of Human Resources (HR) management. Elevate your career prospects, enhance your expertise, and set yourself apart in the competitive HR landscape with a CIPD certification.

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Our CIPS Certification courses in Abu Dhabi take participants through the fundamental concepts and techniques of procurement and supply and its practical applications. Being an authorised CIPS training and exam centre in Dubai, Taaeen Academy supports participants throughout their journey to earn the coveted CIPS qualifications.

The CIPS Certification in Abu Dhabi has 5 levels. The levels are mentioned below:
1) CIPS Level 2 - Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations
2) CIPS Level 3 - Advanced Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations
3) CIPS Level 4 - Diploma in Procurement & Supply Operations
4) CIPS Level 5 - Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply
5) CIPS Level 6 - Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply

CIPS Certification is a gold standard for procurement and supply professionals with international recognition. Through our CIPS Certification training, participants can develop their technical skills, knowledge, and competencies in procurement and supply. Our CIPS Certification courses will help you prepare for the CIPS exams and get trained to take up an executive role in procurement and supply.