Strategy & Transformation

“We offer practical, strategic advice geared to support executives as they navigate the uncertainties of the post COVID era. Our methodology merges traditional management consulting skills with extensive experience in holistic digital transformations. Our services are targeted to the Human Capital (HC) function. Our expertise is in developing strategies to manage and improve overall HC performance, the automation and digitalization of HC functions, and the harnessing of HC metrics to feed senior management decision-making with reliable and timely HC data.”

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Business People Learning About Human Resources

Human Resources Management

We have an impressive history working across the GCC with leading organizations in Government, Semi-Government and the private sector.

Our scale, scope, and market knowledge allow us to target any form of Human Capital challenge. We have a ‘practice-based’, ‘work-place earned’ understanding of the functional challenges underpinning the regional culture.

No matter your HC needs, from large-scale HC transformation projects and change-management programs, to more routine tasks such as managing staff redundancies, payrolls or benefits programs, our dedicated HC consultants can customize a program that’s right for you.

Trustee Technology

“We offer a platform that will transform the way your staff experience the HC function by providing the technical support to translate your HC functions to Smart Services, enabling your staff to interact with HC functions from their smart phones. Employees can interact with the HC department via smart phones from anywhere in the world, at any time (Salary Certificates requests, Pay Slips, Employment Confirmation, Leave Requests, Goal tracking, entitlement queries and many other aspects that can be customized according to your needs).

We also offer a platform that empowers you to manage your employee database through a secure portal, providing a range of tools to visualize your data.

HC problem diagnosis (Objective and Key Result methodology)
HC automation and digitalization
HC metric collection and display
Employee Database Management
Assessment and Performance Management
Online Surveys and Dashboards
Full Employees Database Management E Documentations & Employees Files
Attendance and Leave Requests Payroll, allowances and benefits
Performance & Tasks management Online Surveys and Dashboards

Workforce Planning

We’ll share market data and insights on what other companies are doing, and model both the short- and longer-term financial implications of various workforce scenarios, including reductions-in-force. This information allows you to evaluate the impact of all contemplated changes so you can move forward with confidence.

HC Review and Restructuring

The Post COVID recovery is brining HC issues into the spotlight. How effectively organizations handle personnel issues is proving critical to recovery performance.

We have undertaken several post COVID HC transformation projects involving HC structural reviews, HC functional upgrades, targeted recruitment programs, and HC post-COVID re-training.

The extended ‘working from home’ (WFH) period has emphasized the need to automate as many HC functions as possible. We can project manage HC transformation programs resulting in increased efficiency, upskilled staff and enhanced satisfaction levels.


Attrition Management, Retention Strategies and Emiratisation programs

We have extensive experience in high level strategic responses to issues associated with attrition, retention and Emiratisation. We can assist you to better understand and direct the movement of staff into and from your organization. Measurable, practical retention strategies can be shared and implemented.

We have broad expertise in the careful implementation, tracking and measurement of Emiratisation programs and initiatives. We can provide Emiratisation frameworks, plans, tools, policies and metrics to ensure your organization meets its goals and key results.

Employees Engagement

For most organizations, employees are the primary source of competitive advantage.

We understand that effectively engaging your employees in your business requires supporting them in achieving their goals in life — health, wealth, and career. This is particularly true in the current tight market for talent.

Our consultants are highly experienced in customizing strategies to strengthen the bond between employer and employee. We work to identify your needs, understand your culture and stakeholders, assess your population demographics and behaviors using robust data analytics, and develop an engagement plan that we help you to action. We are committed to measuring our success in achieving the attitudinal and behavioral shifts imperative for your business enhancement.