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Our end-to-end Learning & Development solutions offers a comprehensive range of services aimed to boost performance by enhancing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals and organizations. Here is an overview of our end-to-end solutions:

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Employee Database Management

HC problem diagnosis (Objective and Key Result methodology)

Assessment and Performance Management

Online Surveys and Dashboards

HC metric collection and display

HC automation and digitalization

Taaeen Consulting

Our Human Capital Premium Services is a comprehensive suite of specialized solutions designed to optimize and elevate the management of your organization’s most valuable asset, its human capital. This premium service offering focuses on providing strategic, tailored, and high-quality support to help organizations maximize the potential of their workforce. Our features of Human Capital Premium Services include:

  • Delivering the most internationally recognized certification and qualifications programs, bootcamps and courses to validate skills and competencies.

  • Ensuring alignment with industry standards and recognized certifications.
  • Conducting a thorough analysis to identify the skills and knowledge gaps within the organization.

  • Collaborating with key stakeholders to understand business goals and align training programs accordingly.
  • Designing customized training programs to address specific needs identified during the assessment.

  • Developing instructional materials, course content, and interactive learning resources.
  • Facilitating training sessions through various mediums, including workshops, seminars, webinars, and e-learning platforms.
  • Utilizing experienced trainers and subject matter experts to deliver engaging and effective training.
  • Implementing e-learning solutions, virtual classrooms, and other technology-based tools to facilitate remote or self-paced learning.

  • Integrating multimedia elements, simulations, and interactive content for an enriched learning experience.
  • Offering programs specifically designed to enhance leadership and management skills.

  • Providing coaching and mentoring services to aspiring and existing leaders.
  • Conducting workshops to improve specific skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management.

  • Tailoring programs to meet the needs of different employee levels and job functions.
  • Implementing assessments before and after training to measure the effectiveness of programs.

  • Gathering feedback from participants and stakeholders for continuous improvement.
  • Providing tools and resources to support on-the-job learning and application of new skills.
  • Developing job aids, manuals, and other resources for ongoing reference.
  • Offering guidance on career paths and development opportunities within the organization.

  • Providing resources for employees to plan and navigate their professional growth.
  • Training internal staff or designated trainers to ensure consistency and sustainability of training programs.

  • Building a pool of skilled trainers within the organization.
  • Monitoring training progress and completion rates.

  • Generating reports to assess the impact of training on individual and organizational performance.
  • Analyzing feedback and performance data to continuously improve training programs.

  • Staying updated on industry trends and best practices to enhance the relevance of offerings.

Our end-to-end Learning & Development Center aims to create a learning culture within the organization, fostering continuous improvement, employee engagement, and ultimately contributing to the achievement of business objectives.

Why Choose Taaeen?

Taaeen is your committed partner whether your goals are to improve overall employee engagement, create a strong leadership pipeline, or expedite your talent acquisition process. Together, we can maximize your human capital and propel your company toward long-term success.


Our team is made up of professionals with a track record in human capital management from the industry.


Making use of the newest resources and techniques to remain on the cutting edge of market developments.


Solutions that are made to order to meet the particular requirements and difficulties faced by your company.


Committed to achieving quantifiable results that advance the success of your company. Together, let's shape your future in human capital.

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