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Get certified in APTD & CPTD from ATD with Taaeen Training & HR Consultancy

The ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) is an independent organization created by ATD – The Association of Talent Development to take the lead and set industry standards for the talent development profession

ATD CI certifies talent development professionals. It offers two credentials that are based on the Talent Development Capability Model:

How are the APTD and CPTD Certifications different?

As professional industry certifications, the APTD and CPTD assess your overall knowledge and abilities as a talent development professional. They are grounded in the Talent Development Capability Model™, which is a framework that outlines everything one needs to know and do to be successful in the field of talent development.

Acquire practical tools and templates to make your job easier.

What about best practices from leading Taaeen Training and HR Consultancy – Your trusted training provider.

Our expert coach and mentors are experienced in training local as well as international – top companies equipped in taking your organization to the next level.

You can benefit from our new learning technologies explained in clear and understandable terms.

Be ready to expand your network?

ATD Award winners! The program includes the Excellence in Practice Awards, BEST Awards, and Advancing Talent Development Awards.

How do I Benefit with ATD?

Admission open for October 2022

Tim Ringo

Experience: more than 30+ years of experience in the HR field as a trainer and practitioner.

Limited Seat

AED 7,850
AED 4,999
  • Admission open until 15th Sept 2022
  • Fees are per Participant
  • Group Book Discount will be offered for more than 3 Participants.

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