Human Resources

Manpower & Recruitment
Succession Planning
KPI'S - Key Performance Indicators
Personnel Affairs (Policies, Procedures, Salaries, Vacations, Contracts)
Recruitment and Scientific Foundations for Interviewing and Selection
The Basic Functions of HR with a Strategic Perspective
Strategies for Evaluating Performance Using Balanced Scorecards
Human Resources Management after Covid-19
Innovation and Creativity in HR
Smart Transformation of HR and The Latest Technologies in This Field
Managing HR, Planning Career Paths and Raising Performance Efficiency
Competency Based HR
Communications Management in HR (Modern HR)
Modern Strategies in Formulating Personnel Policies & Procedures
Strategies for Managing Planned Training & Career Development
Analyzing Training Needs Based on Job Competencies
Modern Training Strategies and Preparation of Training Plans
Modern Methods of Training Based on Behavioral Abilities
British Curriculum for Effective Training Process Management (Application Problems)
Integrated Program for Preparing Trainers
Certified Trainer Training (Professional Trainer)