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Elevating Your Human Capital

At Taaeen, we recognize that the quality of your human capital plays a critical role in the success of your company. Our aim is to empower you not only to succeed in the classroom but also to excel in your workplace endeavors.

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Taaeen Consulting

Our Human Capital Premium Services is a comprehensive suite of specialized solutions designed to optimize and elevate the management of your organization’s most valuable asset, its human capital. This premium service offering focuses on providing strategic, tailored, and high-quality support to help organizations maximize the potential of their workforce. Our features of Human Capital Premium Services include:

  • From Payroll management to government PR services and full function of the HR Operations, our professional team can assist you while you focus at your business growth.

  • Emiratization solutions for talent acquisition, development, and retention.
  • Expert guidance in aligning human capital strategies with overall business objectives.

  • Customized solutions for talent acquisition, development, and retention.
  • We develop and design or charts aligned with the business needs and its operating model including the identification of the departmental functions. 

  • End to end solutions related to manpower planning and FTE analysis.
  • Personalized learning and development programs to enhance employee skills.

  • Succession planning and leadership development initiatives for organizational growth.
  • Comprehensive strategies to boost employee morale and productivity.

  • Well-being programs that prioritize mental and physical health in the workplace.
  • Advanced data analytics for informed decision-making in talent management.

  • Insights into workforce trends, enabling proactive adjustments to HR strategies.
  • Specialized recruitment services to identify and attract top-tier talent.

  • Utilization of cutting-edge technology for efficient and targeted hiring processes.
  • Tailored programs to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

  • Strategies for creating an environment that values and leverages individual differences.
  • Implementation and optimization of state-of-the-art HR technology solutions.

  • Automation of routine tasks to streamline HR processes and enhance efficiency.
  • Expertise in navigating complex HR regulations and compliance issues.

  • Proactive risk management strategies to minimize legal and regulatory challenges.
  • One-on-one coaching for executives and key leadership personnel.

  • Development programs to enhance leadership skills and effectiveness.
  • Tailoring services to the unique needs and challenges of each organization.

  • Continuous support and adaptation of strategies to ensure long-term success.

Our Human Capital Premium Services aim to be a strategic partner for businesses, helping them build a dynamic and resilient workforce capable of driving sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Why Choose Taaeen?

Taaeen is your committed partner whether your goals are to improve overall employee engagement, create a strong leadership pipeline, or expedite your talent acquisition process. Together, we can maximize your human capital and propel your company toward long-term success.


Our team is made up of professionals with a track record in human capital management from the industry.


Solutions that are made to order to meet the particular requirements and difficulties faced by your company.


Committed to achieving quantifiable results that advance the success of your company. Together, let's shape your future in human capital.


Making use of the newest resources and techniques to remain on the cutting edge of market developments.

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Speak to Our Team Today

Get in Touch with us today.

Our Approach

Guiding Your Strategy for Human Capital

Our skilled group of human capital experts collaborates with businesses to plan and carry out growth-oriented strategic initiatives. From leadership development to talent acquisition, we provide specialized solutions that support your company’s goals. Among our consulting services are:

  • HC Consulting
  • HC Gap Analytsis and Audit
  • Policies and Procedure Mapping
  • Rewards and compensation management
  • Succession Planning
  • Manpower Planning and Talent Acquisitions
  • Performance Management Assessment
  • Job Description and Profiling
  • Leadership Advisory
  • HR Experts Outsourcing

We have an impressive history working across the GCC with leading organizations in Government, Semi-Government and the private sector.

Our scale, scope, and market knowledge allow us to target any form of Human Capital challenge. We have a ‘practice-based’, ‘work-place earned’ understanding of the functional challenges underpinning the regional culture.

No matter your HC needs, from large-scale HC transformation projects and change-management programs to more routine tasks such as managing staff redundancies, payrolls, or benefits programs, our dedicated HC consultants can customize a program that’s right for you.

“We offer practical, strategic advice geared to support executives as they navigate the uncertainties of the post COVID era. Our methodology merges traditional management consulting skills with extensive experience in holistic digital transformations. Our services are targeted to the Human Capital (HC) function. Our expertise is in developing strategies to manage and improve overall HC performance, the automation and digitalization of HC functions, and the harnessing of HC metrics to feed senior management decision-making with reliable and timely HC data.”

The Post COVID recovery is brining HC issues into the spotlight. How effectively organizations handle personnel issues is proving critical to recovery performance.

We have undertaken several post COVID HC transformation projects involving HC structural reviews, HC functional upgrades, targeted recruitment programs, and HC post-COVID re-training.

The extended ‘working from home’ (WFH) period has emphasized the need to automate as many HC functions as possible. We can project manage HC transformation programs resulting in increased efficiency, upskilled staff and enhanced satisfaction levels.