Soft Skills

Excellence and Innovation in PR and Communications
Strategies of Excellence in PR Management and The Art of protocols
Creativity, Distinction, Etiquette Arts and Skills of Dealing with VIPs
Positive and Influential Communication Skills
Contemporary Digital Media and Social Networks
Modern Technological Methods in
Photography and Artistic Production
Advanced Design Skills
Qualification of Broadcasters for Live News
Management of TV Dialogue and Advanced Programs
Excel for Beginners
Advanced Excel program
Visual Presentation Skills
Computer Skills and Microsoft Office
Preparing the Outstanding Employee and Formulating Strategies for the Future Under 6 Sigma
Time Management Skills and Prioritization
Negotiation Art
Organizational Change Management
The art of Delegation and its Mechanisms
Office Management and Executive Secretarial
Directing and Television Editing
Modern Methods and Techniques in Preparing and Organizing Conferences & Exhibitions
Integrated Skills for Employees of PR Departments
The Organizational Role of PR in Preparing Interviews, Conferences and Senior Officials' Meetings
An Integrated Approach to Preparing PR and Media Leaders
Enriching Dealers' Experience
Promote a Culture of Loyalty and Productivity
Enhancing Continuous Self-Learning Skills
Presentation Skills, Giving Effective Presentations and Inspiring Others
TV Presentation
Radio Broadcast
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Customer Happiness Specialist
Happiness and Positive Energy Consultant
The Art of Problem Solving
Official Spokesperson - Institutional
Mind Maps management
Excellence in Customer Service (7 stars)
PR & Media Skills