Legal Programs

Strategies for Activating & Developing Legal Affairs Departments
Legal Considerations Governing Contract Formulation & Implementation
Technical Preparation for Legal Advisors
The Scientific Foundations and Legal System Advancement
Legal Basis for Preparing Contracts, Memoranda, and Decisions
Legal Foundations for Contracting and Managing Foreign Contracts
Technical Techniques in Preparing & Writing Legal Reports
Techniques and Best Practices in Formulating, Auditing and Analyzing Contracts
Model Drafting of Contracts, and How to Address their Problems
Proficiency in Preparing, Writing, and Analyzing A Legal Research
The Legal & Administrative Responsibility of The Director
Legal Problems & Practical Solutions for Maritime Transport
Legal Disputes Arising from Banking Transactions and Methods of Resolving them
Integrated Skills for Legal Affairs Personnel
Managing Legal Crises in Government Agencies
Managing Government Contracts and Controlling Risks & Costs
Principles of Administrative Investigations with Employees and the Imposition of Disciplinary Sanctions
Identifying Risks, Assessing Claims and Arbitration Procedures, Avoiding and Settling Disputes
Development of Legal and Administrative skills & principles of Interpretation and Application of Laws, Regulations and Decisions
Developing the Skills of Legal Researchers