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Leading Innovation, Creativity and Anticipating the Future
Leadership from an Entrepreneurial Perspective
The Charter for Institutional Loyalty and Governmental Action
Leadership from the Perspective of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, and MAN United (Continuous Winning Strategy and its Requirements)
Strategy and Strategic Planning
Strategic Management with the Concept of Total Quality in the Government Sector
Modern Methods of Improving Performance According to Kaizen Concepts
Leadership Excellence in Dealing with Complex Administrative Situations
Advanced Leadership Techniques and Strategic Critical Thinking in Competitive Environments
The Art of Dealing with Emergent Crises Effectively for the Senior Leadership
Advanced Supervisory Skills and Enhancing the Work Environment with Quality and Excellence
Leadership and Skills Creating a Productive and Creative Corporate Culture
Building Effective Organizational Structures and Flexible Institutions
Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecards, and Pareto Law 80/20
Government Leader and Strategy
Solving Complex Problems and the Art of Making Critical and Difficult Decisions
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Certified Strategic Planning Specialist • Managing Crisis from a Leadership Perspective
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Managing Crisis from a Leadership Perspective