Instructional Design - ATD

Instructional Design - ATD

With Instructional Design training you’ll learn best practices for conducting a needs assessment, completing a job/task analysis, and designing and developing courses using exclusive ATD templates. Discover a structured step-by-step process you can follow and apply immediately to your own training program development.

How do you benefit?

  • Getting Started with Design (Overview on the ADDIE Model).
  • Analysis & Training Needs Assessment (TNA, Organizational, Performance, Task, & Performer Analyses).
  • Design (The Psychological Processes of Learning, Transfer of Learning, Bloom’s Domain & Taxonomy, Writing Learning Objectives, Performance-Based Objectives, Instructional Methods & Media, Courses Outlines Guidelines, Assembling a Design Document).
  • Development (What, Why, and for Whom, Developing Material for the Classroom, the Facilitator, the Learner, and Developing Assessment Material).
  • Implementation (Coordinating Program Support and Administration, Preparing Facilitators, Running a Pilot).
  • Evaluation (Kirkpatrick’s Model, & ROI).


  • Gain a strong foundation in the needs assessment and analysis process.
  • Ensure your training initiatives are effective and aligned with organization goals
    and expectations and make the impact that you and your organization expect.
  • Develop engaging instructional events that take human memory and learning
    processes into account.
  • Learn how to determine which tools and instructional formats will deliver the best
    learning outcomes.
  • Collect data from subject matter experts and other stakeholders, and identify the competencies and tasks that will enable the achievement of business goals.
  • Create participant and facilitator guides and supporting materials to maximize learning and support on-the-job performance.

Target Audience

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