Health & Safety

Advanced Methods in Developing the Skills of Occupational Health & Safety Specialists
Modern Strategies for Developing Perception Skills, Security Sense, and Mental Thinking
Advanced Systems for Industrial Security & Technical Investigation of Occupational Accidents
Modern Management Methods to Enhance the Security of Ports and Airports
Occupational Health & Safety According to Quality Specifications
Preventive Methods from the Dangers of Accidents and Work Injuries
OHSAS 18001 Senior Auditor of Occupational Safety and Health Management System
Safety & Security of Hospitals and Medical Institutions
Total Quality Management in Government Institutions
Recent Methods in Hospital Management and Health Institutions
Recent Methods in Managing and Organizing Medical Records
Strategic Management in Health Care Institutions
Modern Methods of Therapeutic Nutrition and Health Care
Financial Audit of Health Insurance Services
Total Quality Management in Nursing
Hospital Management Between Effectiveness and Efficiency
Designing and Using Hospital Databases and Information Systems
Developing Skills to Deal with Visitors and Patients
Principles & Foundations of Public Health and First Aid
Measures of Protection from Risks in Laboratories
Quality Assurance System in Hospitals
Preparation of Senior Auditors for Food Safety Systems - HACCP
Fighting Infection in Government Institutions
Methods for Hygiene and Disinfection - Sanitization