Global Innovation Institute - GInI

GInI operates the world’s most recognized, comprehensive, and professionally-managed evidence-based innovation certification program for individuals. This program certifies Innovation Professionals & Managers, Design Thinking Professionals, Innovation Strategists, Chief Innovation Officers, and Innovation Assessors.

GInI operates the world’s most recognized, comprehensive, and professionally-managed evidence-based innovation accreditation program for business organizations. This program accredits business innovation assets, including Corporate Innovation Programs, Innovation Labs, Business Incubators, Accelerator Programs, Innovation Training Programs, and Innovations themselves.

GInI has produced and copyrighted the world’s only comprehensive body of knowledge reference book on the subject of business innovation – the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book.


Why GInI?

Who is TAAEEN?

An Emirati led company based in Abu Dhabi and established in 2013 with support of the Khalifa Fund. We specialize in providing Human Capital transformation projects, Outsourcing services, Emiratization programs, and bespoke Leadership, Training and Development services.
We are an experienced team of bilingual regional, and international experts with hands-on experience building strategic partnerships based on know-how, performance and quality.

Taaeen is an approved center for the Global Innovation Institute


Certified Innovation Associate (CInA)®

CInA® certification affirms the student’s understanding of key, foundational innovation concepts and practices, including: how to be an effective innovator, conducting research to uncover new insights, brainstorming & the GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method, Design Thinking, executing innovation projects, developing business plans & pitching new concepts, launching & scaling new business ventures, and new venture funding mechanisms.

Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)®

CCInO certification affirms an individual’s proficiency at executive-level innovation practices and methods. This includes enterprise innovation programs, the GInI Enterprise Innovation Architecture, innovation strategy formation, the GInI Strategic Innovation Compass, the GInI Strategic Innovation Roadmap, strategic innovation portfolios, management and workplace innovation, the GInI Experiential Human Innovation Framework, innovation group design, innovation space design, outcome-driven innovation, discovery-driven innovation, and innovation maturity.

Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS)®

GInI Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS)® is GInI’s recognition of business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to innovation strategy, business model innovation, customer experience innovation, and opportunity promotion.
CInS certification affirms an individual’s proficiency at select advanced innovation methods and tools. This includes innovation strategy formation, the GInI Innovation Strategy Cycle.

Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)®

GInI Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)® is GInI’s recognition of innovation professionals who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of the key topics relating to Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, the Design Thinking process, and Design Methods.
CDTP certification affirms an individual’s proficiency at this most crucial of innovation methods. This includes: the Human-Centered Design (HCD) philosophy, Design Thinking overall, the Design Thinking process, Points of View, Design Principles.

Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)®

The CIPS Level 6 Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply is for those who want to specialise in a specific occupation, occupational area or technical role. It represents the final level of qualification required by those who are working towards MCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional, which is recognised worldwide as the professional standard for procurement and supply practitioners.

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