Consulting Skills - ATD

Consulting Skills - ATD

Through ATD’s practical 5-D Consulting model, learn effective internal consulting skills that will enable you to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes, establish goals, and manage expectations. Guide clients through an instructional design or organizational development project, help them overcome obstacles and resistance, and build your credibility to influence decision-making.

How do you benefit?

  • Move from order-taker to true business partner by discovering a model,
    techniques, and tools you can use to consult with your clients.
  • Apply success strategies including working across organizational boundaries, providing feedback
    to senior leaders, and gaining buy-in.
  • Evaluate your skills and identify your developmental needs as a consultant.
    3 Days


  • Introduction (Consulting Skills & ATD 5-D Consulting Model)
  • Define & Agree
  • Discover & Analyze
  • Deliver & Decide
  • Design & Implement
  • Disengage & Review

Target Audience

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